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NARC Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Contest History

80cc RSGB Contest Results N.A.R.C 


 I 2E0TWQ have been a participant in 

2021-08-30 at 12-00-55.png
1st gold.jpg
2021-08-30 at 12-01-45.png
2nd cup jpg.jpg
2021-08-30 at 12-02-25.png
2nd cup jpg.jpg
2021-08-30 at 12-03-41.png
1st gold.jpg
2021-08-30 at 12-04-16.png
1st gold.jpg
1st gold.jpg
1st gold.jpg
2nd 20.png

We split the TEAM INTO TWO TEAMS 2020 

2nd cup jpg.jpg
3rd cup.jpg
2021-08-30 at 12-12-22.png
1st gold.jpg
NARC 2021 1st local Club.jpg
1st gold.jpg
RSGB 2022  LL.jpg
1st gold.jpg
rsgb results 3.jpg
1st gold.jpg

Latest 2023 80CC RSGB Club Contest Results

1st gold.jpg

Due to website storage restrictions i can no longor put images up.  They are available from

1st gold.jpg

Local Club Scores - Newbury Trophy (Winner) Norfolk NARC ( CW , DATA, SSB )

 2022 Autumn Series Results

The results of the Autumn series CW contest of 24/11/22 were published on 3rd December. I'm pleased to report that this confirms our overall win for this series with a win for this leg as well. We therefore won all but the first leg of this contest series. Final points tally for the series was 75,185 with Bristol in second place with 50,506 and Sheffield in 3rd place with 35,723. Once again we have been awarded the Newbury cup for this win so congratulations to all who took part for NARC.

Local Club Scores 
      Newbury Trophy (Winner) Norfolk ARC
           ( CW , DATA, SSB )

G5RV Memorial Shield

Leading Affiliated Society in the Local Category of the 3.5MHz Club Championship

1st gold.jpg
grv win.jpg

NARC set a new record in its contesting activity by winning every one of the 18 multimode Club Championships in 2022. This resulted in an overall win by a large margin of 68.8k points over Bristol Contest Group in second place.
Our final score was only 9.5k points behind the formidable Three A's Contest Group Winners of the
GENERAL section.

NARC takes part in the
LOCAL CLUB section whereby all participants must be within a set radius as opposed to the GENERAL section where they can be located anywhere throughout the U.K

RSGB 2022 Convention -  NARC were awarded two trophies at the RSGB Convention,  The Newbury Trophy for winning the Local Club section of last years Autumn Series contest and the G5RV trophy for winning this years Local Club section of the Club Championships. This reflected another tremendous effort by NARC’s contest team coming on the back of 2nd place in the High Power section of SSB FD.  NARC have already obtained a substantial lead at the half way stage in this years Autumn Series. 

RSGB 2022 SORES 2.jpg
RSGB 2022 SORES 3.jpg

Well done to everyone

R.S.G.B Archive

1st gold.jpg
1st gold.jpg

1st in the  Local section of the 80m Autumn series 2022

1st gold.jpg

1st in the  Local section of the 80m Autumn series 2021


       RSGB AFS 80m-40m Contests CW Sat 8th Jan.2022
       Local Club Scores  ; Position : 57 Teams entered
    6th     NARC Team A : G3PDH, G3G,G3LDI,G4LPP
13th   NARC Team B : M0RYB/P,G3WRJ,G3YLA,G4PFZ

            RSGB AFS 80m-40m Contests
DATA Sun 16thJan. 2022     
Local Club Scores  ;
:  42  Teams entered   
   1st     NARC Team A : G3PDH, G3G,G1A ,G4LPP 
4th    NARC Team B : M0RYB/P, G8OO,G3LDI,G0DWV

  11th    NARC Team C : G3YLA, G2WRJ, G4PFZ,G3PXT

            RSGB AFS 80m-40m Contests 
PHONE Sat 22th Jan.2022   
   Local Club Scores  ;
:  65  Teams entered   
th    NARC Team B : G3G,G3LDI,G3WRJ,G0TMT
    58th  NARC Team D : G3PXT, G8VPE


2021-09-01 at 09-33-21.png

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Contest Group 2016

2018 NARC_80m_Trophy.jpg

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Contest Group 2018

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